Thursday Throwback – “Content Filtering is just as relevant”

Thursday Throwback – “Content Filtering is just as relevant”

Cast your mind back to 2012. In technical terms this seems like eons ago. The landscape is dramatically different from a technology perspective.

The risks are greater, cybersecurity more sophisticated, however the human centric issues remain fundamentally the same. The most important of which is protecting our children. Whilst the breath of Internet enabled devices is greater it is with satisfaction that I read from Matt Tett’s article in a week, greater than eight years.. ” The bottom line is to remember that while a filter installed on a family computer goes some ways to ensuring that children will not be exposed to the worst of the worst, it still is not an excuse for failure to monitor and educate the family about the reasons for it being installed in the first place.”

This philosophy continues to this day with our commitment to the Family Friendly Filter (FFF) Program supported by the Office of eSafety and currently hosted by the Communications Alliance.

To discover if the filter you use to protect your family is tested and certified check its status here.



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