Thursday Throwback: “Testing car stereos”

Thursday Throwback: “Testing car stereos”

As a young man growing up in the 80’s my car was the centre of the the universe and so naturally it was the money pit of my salary. Sure, the house deposit can wait until I have secured a couple of essential pieces of equipment for the car.

What you ask? Well naturally enough just key safety features; lower the suspension, wider wheels, CB radio and of course an improved stereo and speakers.

Zoom forward to 2010 and certainly there were many more features so what can and should be included?

Maps, Apple Play,  phone connectivity – did we have this capability? All this makes us reflect on how far technology has come.

But, tackle our Thursday Throwback to discover what exactly is important and how Steve went about testing some of the mechanical facets of a car stereo.

Here is the article.




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