Thoughts on fixing government procurement

Thoughts on fixing government procurement

For more than 30 years Enex TestLab has supported the efforts of government procurement with robust independent testing.

We do not however suggest that effective and successful procurement lies simply in independent testing. As the saying goes it is more than the sum of the parts.

Ultimately procurement is just one small step in a series of long and frequently independent steps.

These steps at the highest level can be summarised as;

  • Identification of the need and stakeholders
  • Engaging stakeholders to undertake a needs analysis
  • Developing the supporting economic business case ( or simple rationale)
  • Undertaking procurement
  • Project execution


Ironically the shortest item above  can be the riskiest and most lengthy.

Never more so than now value needs to maximised, and as such InnovationAus touches on this point with reference to the policy paper to “fix our broken government tech procurement” in The Innovation Papers, to be launched in Canberra on Thursday.

The article reflecting on these observations may be found here.



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