Our Services

Enex TestLab has six business divisions each focusing on separate areas of independent testing.

The Business Units

Enex TestLab has six business divisions. You can browse each of these division on the left.

At a high level these services can be divided into three domains; Testing, Certification and Consulting.

Enex TestLab’s independent testing services embrace all ICT hardware, software and systems, including comparative benchmarking, usability, accessibility, functionality, security and even physical testing.

With decades of testing experience, Enex TestLab has an accomplished history, scientifically testing an enviable list of technologies.

We also test and evaluate products focusing on criteria such as return on investment, total cost of ownership, power consumption, heat and noise generation, fault tolerance proving the vendors claims about their products.

Integrity and Independence

Our integrity, quality and commitment make us one of the most respected and authoritative facilities in the world.


Enex TestLab is ISO9001 certified and an ISO 17025 quality accredited enterprise.