Procurement and Product Testing

Enex TestLab assists organisations in making the correct purchase decisions with robust and independent procurement testing.

For vendors Enex TestLab offers comprehensive testing that enhanced product quality, minimises risk and reduces product development costs.


With rapid technology advancements, the risk and expense associated with making the wrong decision has never been greater. Therefore it is good to know that Enex TestLab, with more than delivers 31 years of operation, delivers an unsurpassed level of expertise and experience to the technology acquisition process.

Enex TestLab works harmoniously with procurement teaming during the Tender or RFQ process using its robust and independent testing methodologies. The process is seamless, never slowing and frequently accelerating the purchasing process.

Enex TestLab provides timely evaluation of hardware, software, IoT devices and general technology purchases. The scope of evaluation is only limited by the client brief, but can be an expansive to include;

  • Hardware testing
  • Performance testing
  • Specifications evaluation
  • Environmental factors testing
  • Business requirements testing & evaluation
  • Destruction testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Hardware benchmarking
  • Performance evaluation
  • Vendor claims testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Power consumption testing
  • Security Testing
  • SOA Testing
  • Digital Testing


Enex TestLab’s testing improves products, drives down cost, reduces development time and minimises the risk inherent in both hardware and software product development.

In association with marketing and development teams Enex TestLab can provide expansive testing against competitive product, product specifications, independent test scenarios and market alignment.

Product Testing is an ideal precursor to Enex TestLab’s Claims Validation services.


For many years Enex TestLab has provided independent reviews for publications across a range of hardware and software products. These include competitive product testing and single product evaluations.

These can be provided as turnkey ready to publish reviews with supporting photography and narration written to a style brief.