NBN testing

Enex TestLab operates an extensive test facility on behalf of NBN Co. conveniently located in Brunswick Vic.

Facility Tour

Introducing the NBN Plug Bench facility

The 300 square metre facility was established by Enex TestLab for NBN Co. in 2013 for the purposes of self-testing interoperability of connected vendor’s voice, data and broadcast products on live RSP internet services. The facility provides capability for NBN Co., RSPs and Vendors to undertake projects and self-testing in a ‘real-world’ environment with access to  FTTP and Satellite, and FTTx connections via the DSLAM located at the facility. With ready availability and a charge free model for the NBN team to use the facility it presents an ideal test environment.


The facility is not only for interoperability testing. With easy access to the city, parking and a training room, it is available for a diverse range of applications such as:

  • RSP training and education
  • Security testing and evaluation
  • Community engagement
  • Proof of concept evaluation
  • Wi-Fi and performance testing
  • IoT, wearable and smart device testing
  • CPE, modem and router testing
  • Customer and user experience
  • xSDL copper line length testing (“x” km of copper)

and your application.

How to access

If you have some testing you wish to undertake, discuss a requirement, or simply get a better understanding of capability, please reach out using the form below, or call Anthony Bodin on 0404 422 480 directly.

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