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Enex Testlab ‘nbn ready’ is a program which independently tests and certifies device interoperability with the Retail Service Providers (RSP) National Broadband Network (nbn™) services from the Enex TestLab nbn™ ‘plug-bench’ interoperability facility.

Drive sales and build customer confidence with ‘nbn ready’ certification.

For many consumers there is uncertainty associated with the selection a product to be purchased for connection either directly or indirectly to the nbnTM.

Having the ‘nbn ready’ certification provides vendors with the distinct advantage of providing consumers with peace of mind during the product selection process, provides reassurance that their products are interoperable with the major nbn™ RSPs and delivers a valuable independent test mark for use on packaging and in marketing material.

Located at the Enex TestLab nbnTM test facility the program includes a certification that internet-enabled consumer devices such as modem/routers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Network Attached Storage (NAS), smart televisions, and gaming consoles etc have met a series of criteria to independently validate the vendors claims of interoperability with the nbnTM network.

Having developed a comprehensive yet manageable certification approach, ‘nbn ready’, is a symbol that successful manufacturers and suppliers can use as a strategic marketing tool to inform customers that their product has been independently tested and certified by Enex TestLab ( to work on the nbn™ network.


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