Thursday Throwback: “Gaming and Einstein”

Thursday Throwback: “Gaming and Einstein”

What there are many reflections on the “value” of social media, we at Enex TestLab can be appreciative of Blogspot’s continued existence. It has provided a wealth of fascinating content, much of which is still relevant today.

In this week’s Thursday Throwback we announced the fact in 2009 that Enex TestLab had become an Accredited Test Facility for the gaming industry. It these times one can take comfort knowing many of the gaming processes are rigorously and independently audited.

A recurring theme and emphasis of Enex is its independence, a badge of honour proudly worn by Enex TestLab through the entirety of its more than 30 year existence.

In the same article we touched on Einstein, his General Theory of Relativity and how in 1919 an expedition was undertaken to disprove his theory. Along a similar vein, a significant investment is made every year by Enex on our accreditations, to ensure our best practices are maintained, our testing infrastructure and processes are of the highest quality.

To reflect on this article it can be read here.



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