The Family Friendly Filter is an initiative administered by the peak body of the Australian communication industry and managed by Enex TestLab which certifies the effectiveness of Internet filters available for Australian families.

Family Friendly Filter Certification.

Whilst the Internet delivers many benefits the long-term harm caused by unfettered access to inappropriate content by young Australians is recognised. This exposure to inappropriate content can be limited with a household using an effective Internet filter.

The Family Friendly Filter scheme is administered by the Communications Alliance (the peak body of Australian communications industry). The certification of Family Friendly Filters is performed exclusively by Enex TestLab.  Enex TestLab provides ongoing, consistent and independent testing of filters against a common criterion. The testing is rigorous, affordable and easily managed for vendors of all sizes.

The credibility and value of the  Family Friendly Filter scheme is recognised with the Australian Federal Government’s Office of eSafety making specific reference to the Family Friendly Filter scheme.

Successful vendors can promote their certification with the Communications Alliance Ladybird logo. This provides consumers with confidence their families are protected.


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