25 Years ago the issues were exactly the same.

In looking for Thursday Throwback articles, we discovered one from 1996. After a laugh, reflecting on Pentium Processors, it occured to me the issue relating to choosing the right device for the right task is just a relevant todays as it was some 26 years ago, perhaps more so. In 2020 a friend started working […]

Thursday Throwback: Being there – Virtualisation

Virtualisation has been around for longer than we often reflect. Here is 2003, Steven Tuvey reflects on the hot new trend of virtualisation, reflecting on the major players. Perhaps before reading , a quick refresher on Virtualisation and its benefits. Many IT organizations deploy servers that are only running at a fraction of their capacity, […]

Before the Cloud was a Blade

LAs the classic Don McLean song begins… A long long time ago… except the TestLab version continues there was Blade Server. It makes us reflect on the impact of Cloud Technology. Rather selfishly, we do not get to review Blade Servers, perhaps we will do Cloud Providers instead? But for consumers the issues of selecting […]

Thursday Throwback: “Network cards and VPNs”

Who remembers networks cards? You know…. a separate card placed inside your computer to connect to the Internet. Over the years Enex TestLab has authored literally hundreds of head to head and group comparison for magazines and online publications. Not only does the article provide an insight into the technology and terminology, it also provides […]

Thursday Throwback – Watching ink dry

With the advent of the always connected life and the acceptance of digital signatures the demand for printers has diminished considerably. However way back in 1996, the bubble jet printer for your home was all the rage. TestLab was frequently called upon to do a wide variety of tests. comprehensive testing methodologies were developed and […]

Thursday Throwback – Home is where the radiation is

Welcome to Thursday Throwback. We’ve moved the time machine back even earlier to 1996. Yes, LED, TFT, QLED and OLED, AMOLED and even Super AMOLED, were not even a twinkle in our eye. Your monitor was a CRT (Cathode-ray Tube). Here a  young Steve Turvey, who still leads Enex TestLab’s technical team discusses EMF emissions […]

Thursday Throwback: “Testing video calls”

Way back in the dark ages of 2010 Steve Turvey was musing the appearence of video phones, both dedicated and those appearing on the “fabulous” iPhone 4 over 3G. Who would have thought that some 10 years later, almost to the day, we would become so dependant on video services that now need no introduction. […]

Thursday Throwback – Festive testing

As 2022 begins and we all return from hopefully a safe and enjoyable break for those that had one, this first of the year Thursday Throwback came across our desk. Not of course that this is even relevant to personal circumstances, it does however reflect on the importance of testing and the legal ramifications of […]

Thursday Throwback: “PCI Compliance”

For those in the Cybersecurity space one expression that was very common was PCI compliance, the accepting, storing, processing and transmission of credit card data. We really do not hear much about it these days. It is just accepted that it is the case. Now there there are many intermediaries that can process credit cards […]

Thursday Throwback: “Testing car stereos”

As a young man growing up in the 80’s my car was the centre of the the universe and so naturally it was the money pit of my salary. Sure, the house deposit can wait until I have secured a couple of essential pieces of equipment for the car. What you ask? Well naturally enough […]