Thursday Throwback: “PCI Compliance”

For those in the Cybersecurity space one expression that was very common was PCI compliance, the accepting, storing, processing and transmission of credit card data. We really do not hear much about it these days. It is just accepted that it is the case. Now there there are many intermediaries that can process credit cards […]

Thursday Throwback: “Testing car stereos”

As a young man growing up in the 80’s my car was the centre of the the universe and so naturally it was the money pit of my salary. Sure, the house deposit can wait until I have secured a couple of essential pieces of equipment for the car. What you ask? Well naturally enough […]

Thursday Throwback: “Go outside and play!”

Facebook is now Meta, and the cynical are documenting their apparent use of the word distraction. Since Enex TestLab is fiercely independent and only form conclusions based on hard data, we cannot possibly verify that. However the challenges of getting our children away from social media to play outside and enjoy the fresh air has […]

Thursday Throwback: “Gaming and Einstein”

What there are many reflections on the “value” of social media, we at Enex TestLab can be appreciative of Blogspot’s continued existence. It has provided a wealth of fascinating content, much of which is still relevant today. In this week’s Thursday Throwback we announced the fact in 2009 that Enex TestLab had become an Accredited […]

Thursday Throwback: “Introducing eThreatz”

Undertaking a recent project caused some reflection on both vendor testing and the continued rise of malware. This article from 2009 highlights the work Enex TestLab continues to do to this day of malware testing. The ability to identify the best performing vendors in the space is more important than ever. Threats are greater than […]

Thursday Throwback: “How’s your privacy?”

A recurring theme of Thursday Throwback is “every changes but stays the same.” This week we pick up on two themes; online privacy and digital identity. Firstly to privacy with the reflection in 2013 about the aggregation of personal information. We now know much more with the recent news that Facebook (oops Meta) has been […]

Thursday Throwback: “To catch a spy: Anti-spyware tools reviewed”

Continuing the theme of online security this article from 2005 enables us to reflect how far we have come but at the same time how the challenges have remained the same, just become more complex. Some of the companies reviewed have been acquired, some no longer exist and some, such as McAfee continue to have […]

Thursday Throwback – “Security in the age of IoT.”

Cybersecurity has always been top of mind for Enex TestLab. The company has undertaken many projects in this space, such as the Family Friendly Filter for the evaluation and certification of web content filters. However IoT security is a constant focus, highlighted by this article from 2014, which touches on the risks associated with unfettered deployment […]