Something different – The 2022 Annual Enex TestLab Boat Cruise

Many readers will know that Enex TestLab was founded in 1989. However are your aware that Enex TestLab created in 2013, with the now retired Internet Industry Association (IIA) the now annual Sydney Harbour Boat Cruise? The Boat Cruise and After Party take place in early December (this year Thursday December 1st) and is a […]

Test & learn before you go public: how test quality affects everyday life

I’m not an election pundit, but I am interested in how voting sentiment surveys are run. And based on my experience so far, they’re hit and miss. That’s because they typically test small samples of the broad Australian population, then those results are extrapolated to vaguely predict the real-world election outcome. I say ‘vaguely predict’ […]

It’s worth getting product claims independently verified – and certified

Vendors like to make all kinds of marketing claims about their products, but how do buyers know if those claims are trustworthy? There are two common ways these claims can be proven: 1. Verification– the claims are tested and proven by a third party with expertise in product claims verification and validation; and 2. Certification […]

To evaluate vendors or not, that is the question. Part 2

Pt2: Independent evaluation versus the Four Horsemen of the Negative Relationship Apocalypse Author: Matt Tett (Enex TestLab) March 2022 It’s perfectly normal to feel a mix of hope and apprehension when starting a new relationship with any business. But if you’re trying to build a strong relationship, it pays to be honest from the start. […]

To evaluate vendors or not, that is the question*. Part 1.

To evaluate vendors or not, that is the question*. Pt1: What are you looking for when buying tech? [*If you’re professionally involved in procuring tech, I have a few more questions for you too…] Author: Matt Tett (Enex TestLab) March 2022 OK, I admit I have an odd obsession with tech. And mine’s maybe a […]

Independent Testing adds value and can save Billion$ – Just ask the Defence Force.

In the 33 years that Enex TestLab has existed we have been constantly amazed at the diversity of technical evaluation that we are asked to perform. From broadband, laptops and printers to testing an environmental setup for one of the world’s largest fast-food chains to crayons for a global manufacturer all the way through to […]

Literally a lightbulb moment (albeit Internet of Things connected)

The tech sector is legendary for hype and I’ve always made it my personal business to question claims about new products entering the market. My actual business is built on a more clinical and structured version of my attitudes about product claims in this sector: we can prove or disprove if a product lives up […]