Case Studies

Enex TestLab at a Glance

Enex TestLab in Action

“Working with TestLab gave us valuable insights into to requirements and the attributes of the best Asthma
smartphone applications. Enex TestLab’s objectivity and independence provides confidence Asthma Australia’s direction.”

“Enex TestLab have tested our products continuously over several years. The testing provides the public, our partners and us clear validation of the continued strength of our Content Filtering solutions. “

“Securing initial beach-head customers is critical. Having a credible independent evaluation with a robust testing methodology greatly assisted DekkoSecure in making inroads into government departments.”

“Enex TestLab’s independent and unbiased testing enabled those interested in the Ubiq Security SDK offering to instantly be provided with information that validates performance claims. This typically reduced the technical evaluation time and accelerated the interest.”

Department of Education and Training (Victoria) 

Procurement and Product Testing

As part of tendering process independent evaluation of notebook and desktop computers for use by teachers and administrative staff.


State and Federal Governments


Many projects undertaken by Enex TestLab are confidential in nature. Government Referees can be provided to specific qualified projects.