About Us

At Enex TestLab, we assess everything from toasters to traffic systems to the internet. Our testing is scientific, independent, rigorous and thoroughly contemporary.
And it’s essential…

Our business strengthens your business.

We are an invaluable component of each clients’ process, during research and development, or when procuring, launching and marketing products.

What we do

Enex TestLab provides a wide range of leading businesses and organisations with the means to test and evaluate products, services and systems.

Our specialisations include product testing, head-to-head review, certification and verification, type approval testing, evaluation, benchmarking and technology development consultancy. We have the expertise to not only execute an extraordinary array of tests but to provide analysis, insight and advice.

We enable our clients to:
  • develop and improve products and services
  • overcome technical problems
  • guarantee compliance
  • measure and report on expected Service Level Agreements
  • communicate technical information
  • identify opportunities
  • make sound and informed decisions
  • save money
  • reduce risk
  • maximise return on investment
  • advance within industry
Who we are

Enex TestLab has multiple business divisions, operating across 90 industry sectors. The lab was originally founded in 1989 within RMIT University, where it provided a range of technology-centric research and testing services for private sector and governmental bodies. Over time, Enex TestLab has grown to become a commercial independent testing lab, attracting a team with varied industry experience and specialised knowledge. It is now a comprehensive resource, providing infallible and insightful results.

How we do it

Our own technologies and methods for assessment are updating all the time, in sync with industry-specific advancements. The way we test is dependent upon each client – what is the product, service or system, what are you going to do with it, and what do you want to know about it? At Enex TestLab, we pride ourselves on the pursuit of precise, customised information. And while the types of tests we do vary a lot, the outcome is always the same for our clients – a greatly enhanced understanding of each product, and the knowledge to move forward with confidence.

Get to know Enex TestLab and get to know your own business better.