25 Years ago the issues were exactly the same.

25 Years ago the issues were exactly the same.

In looking for Thursday Throwback articles, we discovered one from 1996. After a laugh, reflecting on Pentium Processors, it occured to me the issue relating to choosing the right device for the right task is just a relevant todays as it was some 26 years ago, perhaps more so.

In 2020 a friend started working from home because of Covid. Whilst this small company is very profitable they purchased very inexpensive notebook computers for a staff to work from home with no external monitors. In saving $500, the staff waste hours every week, let alone the frustration of using inappropriate equipment. Clearly a false economy.

Contrast that with a recent project Enex TestLab completed for the Department of Education and Training in Victoria. They issued a Tender for replacement computers for teachers and administration staff. To ensure the correct equipment for the task was selected they engaged TestLab to evaluate a number of brands and models.

The cost of the Independent Evaluation, represented a fraction of the cost of the new devices, let alone the productivity losses from poorly selected equipment.

So the technology changes, but the issue remains the same. The  case study on this Department of Education and Training project can be read here.

Regardless of the nature of the equipment Enex TestLab can assist organisation in making the correct decision.

If you would like more information on the Enex TestLab Procurement and Product Testing service please contact us.





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