Welcome to Enex TestLab, we provide astute commercial testing, consulting and certification services across the public and private sectors.

More than thirty years experience results in a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements and their business objectives. We’re highly regarded for exceptional services that genuinely add value.

Procurement and Product Testing

Enex TestLab provides comprehensive, robust and independent testing and product evaluations for the government and private sector.

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Security Consulting and Certification

Enex TestLab’s unique portfolio of security offerings incorporate Government and Corporate Security Consulting, Internet Filter Certification and the IoT Security Trust Mark Certification.

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Claims Validation

Verification and validation of ICT and IoT software and hardware products by Enex TestLab results in  vendors offering  Independent Claims Assurance, to drive product sales.

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Consulting & Product Certification

As a technology specialist laboratory Enex TestLab is able to certify a range of products, processes, systems or services to government and industry standards.

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eMetric/Honesty Box

Turn network data into actionable insights with independent testing. Our plug & play solution combines powerful hardware and a cloud-based measurement platform to provide accurate network data to retail service providers

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Traffic Systems

Enex TestLab provides verification and validation services of fixed, mobile, and handheld speed measurement devices for government and traffic authorities.

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